CR Rito Destiny 6070 15574022

GAR Predestined X
Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807

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" We believe in a medium-sized angus cow for profitability. Always keeping in mind the maternal traits we need for the next generation." All Donors and Females are Tested AMF and NHF..

Angus Donors

GAR New Design 1760 13728504

B/R New Design 036 x
GAR EXT 1106

PATH FINDER COW BW 7/104 WW 7/105 YW 5/106 IMF17/107 RE 17/100 

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CR Melani 5011  15035331
GAR Retail Product x
DF Melanie SP 610

PATH FINDER COW BW 3/97 WW 3/108 YW 3/102 IMF 3/99 RE 3/105 

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B/R Blackbird 5109 15005108

B/R Destination 727-928 x
 B/R New Design 323. 
Production records WW 2/101 YW 2/108 IMF 5/106 RE 5/102 She is a good young productive cow with great calves. She has averaged 7 eggs per flush and bred back. 

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B/R Pride of Aberdeen 4135 14675458

CA Future Direction x
RD Bushwacker

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B/R Priimrose 5208 15005176

B/R Destination x
B/R Primrose 1145

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